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Koenig Games is the premier trivia and game show company based out of the Saratoga/ Albany area. Your host, "Chad From Albany" Koenig, who got his nickname on the Late Show with David Letterman, offers high- tech, unique, patented games that are all custom made by hand. Koenig Games' events are humorous and thrive on audience participation. Great for all ages!

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How Do YOU Wanna Play?

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Corporate Events/ Country Clubs

Looking for a fun event at your work party? How about a unique, fun team- building event? reach out to Koenig Games for great ideas!

How about your country club or business that is looking for great fun for their members or customers? Hire Koenig Games for tried and true fun, with customized categories for your folks!

Award- Winning Local Trivia Nights!

Click "Award- Winning Trivia Nights" on the link at the top of the screen to see Koenig Games' weekly, monthly and special Trivia Nights in the area! Check out the fun, unique Trivia Nights that have been enjoyed since 2009! These games have won/ placed "Best Trivia Night" in Times Union, Saratogian and Metroland!

Customized Large- Scale Game Shows for Businesses, Cruises, Casinos or Event centers!

Koenig Games will meet with you to for estimates and to brainstorm customized game shows for your large venues to incorporate small or large groups. The possibilities are endless!


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